Arrived to our home in Palm Springs at 10pm after an exhausting of total 24 hours flight (three airport stops), we went straight to bed, dead.

Waking up every three or four hours in between, at this moment, I am still fighting back with my jet-lag. We know it will take at least two, three days to get back to normal. So we just relax and sleep or eat whenever our bodies need to.
The only sad thing about coming home here to California is of how much we miss italy. The images of places and peoples are haunting me every time I wake up from my dreams. I am not sure if Ruggero has the same problem like me. I will ask.
However, we are getting ready to work very hard for the next coming months. From this trip, we had gathered so many new and fresh ideas for our business. it will be a total transformation in our restaurant, both the presentation and the management.

We need another day or two to regain our strength and energy. After that, there are many projects need to carry on and many purchases need to be done for the new look.

Meanwhile, I turn on my laptop three, four times a day just to enjoy the pictures and to look back to the good times we had with our friends and family the last two weeks.

It helps to bring back the wonderful memories and to relieve my Italy homesick. I want also to mention on this post our thanks to all of our so good friends like Dario and Miriam for our wonderful, wonderful five days in their home in Rome. The picnic in their garden, the fantastic dinners made by Mirriam, the beautiful days walking by the Mediterranean Sea and the harbor of Fiumicino…

To Luciano and his generosity to lend us his car for the whole week we were in Milan…

To Adriana and Giampiero, for their times spending with us at the unforgettable Lago di Como, and the delicious “pranzo bellissimo” in their home.

To Roberto, Luciano Marenzi and his family to spare some of their precious times to see us.

To Sergio, our good friend for introduce us to many unbelievable good restaurants…

And last but not least, to our sweet and forever beautiful Antonella for her dedication and attention to every need we had each time we visit Italy.

Thank you so much, thanks to you all for giving us the unforgettable memories and to share together this very special, wonderful and beautiful life that we have. You are in our hearts forever.