The scientists say that human needs at least seven to eight hours a day of sleep so that the body and the brain can function well and properly. I can hardly make myself sleep at six hours. I just can not, no matter how hard I try.
I stay up all day, working on my computer or reading, cooking, cleaning so that at night I would be tired and hopefully will be able to sleep. NO!!!, If I go to bed at 9pm (which very unusual, I never do this before) or 10pm, at exactly 3am in the morning, I am wild awake and my brain stubbornly refuses to go back to sleep, despite all my effort to calm it down. It won’t. Instead, it parades in my head one after another images of Rome, Bologna, Milan, Pavia, faces…feelings…laughter…bridges, buildings, water, sun, breezes, green fields…on and on…

I guess my brain and my heart will not stop till the day we returning back to Italy again. I said to myself:”That day sure will come soon!…but for now we have to work hard again, even more so!. Because every effort we make, will be a strong and faster brick on an invisible bridge that will bring us to where our hearts belong.”

So, we started from yesterday. Going back to the restaurant after two week, I feel a little sad and heavy, especially when everything is closed and quiet. Gosh!, I realized how much works are awaiting us and how much energy and strength we need to put together to make our plans work this year. But we are determined: “The plans have to work at all cost…” I said to Ruggero. “…All our intelligence, knowledge, strength even resources will be focused to make our dream come true.
The first step was to re-open the restaurant first. Then from there, we will go to the next steps.

Shopping time again, but this time in Los Angeles. Couple big stores to fill up our shopping list before driving back to the restaurant in the late afternoon. Along the way, we witnessed two accidents in the freeway involving two huge trucks. One was on a big fire after an explosion (overheated engine I guessed), and one was turned upside down across the five lanes freeway. We had no idea if there was any death or injure since we were on the other side of the freeway (thanks Heaven for that…!!!) and had no time to stop. This reminds me of how precious and how short of this beautiful life that a human can have. And I am not intending to waste any minute of it.

Well, the refrigerators and freezers are filled, and the workers are called to resume their jobs. Today at 5pm, business will be opened as usual. I predict it will not be busy, but this will be a safe and sure way and a good time to get the engine start running.
Goodbye vacation time!…Back to our reality.