“It is the experience of the journey is important, not the destination…” I knew and heard that phrase a long time ago. It really helps me through many down times throughout my life.
We all have some bad moments or not very happy days from time to time, like the days I had during the past weeks. And as much as I keep telling myself :” It’s just the influence of a very turbulence energy around the universe during these days that keeps everyone jumpy and grumpy.” (I have a closed-watch of the planets movements everyday.) Still, I can’t help but feeling insecure and lost.
So, the remedy for all this bad days is that I keep reminding myself: “Enjoy every moment of my life even if these moments are not very nice, or sad, or tired, or…whatsoever!. Because, each moment of my life here on earth is so precious. One minute passes will be one minute lost, which I can never find or take it back again. Especially when those minutes were for me to stand next to my family members, or my good friends, or people whom I see and have important roles in my life.

At forty seven years of age and have lived and traveled half around the world, I have seen and witnessed people disappeared for whatever reasons just like a dream. People whom I see and talk to these days may not be here the next year or even months or days from today. And that is absolutely including myself !!!.
Well, the reason I talk about all this philosophy is also because I have to give myself a good reason to work so hard the past weeks and it looks like there are more works waiting for us in the coming days and months. Even though financial security is an important aspect in life, but for me, to work just for money is a death sentence!…

Despite all the sweats, the heat, the competition, the fight, the long hours…there must be a good reason to live and to work. Fortunately, Ruggero and I , we have the same reason and one passion: to bring and show to the American public all the beauty of Italian food and culture. That is the true motive and the powerful drive behind us.

Coming back from Italy with all the pictures and memories and real experiences, we have so much in our hearts and our brains to show the Western world what is really Italy. We have so many American friends who know Italy just by the images of the Vatican or the sixteen chapels, the Colosseum, the Gondolas on the Venice tunnels or as far as the pizzas from Napoli…

Since we came back, we keep telling people there are so much more they should know and see for themselve…Well, not everyone can afford the travel these days. So, we have informed to our customers that we are working on the opening of L’olivo Deli and Cafe`. We are intending to produce as many as we can all the goodies of Italian cultures as well as to show the pictures which I made from these trips abroad. Everyone are waiting to see.

So, we have been working very hard on the journey of this new adventure called “L’olivo Deli and cafe”. While I was climbing up and down the ladder to paint the entire shop, Ruggero and his machines are working on many salami, prosciuttos, and focaccia breads… More hours and more money spending (we need more machines! definitely!), hopefully, we will get it open by mid November.

So yes, I will take any day that has given me here on this beautiful earth, even if it’s a bad day. I take it!.