Wow!…What a day yesterday!…

If anyone notice, the last couple days, especially yesterday, it is a day full of energy and social interaction. For us at L’olivo, that energy was fully expected and well received.

After many days planning and preparing and cooking…Finally the guest arrived at 6:30pm. Except some unexpected individuals appeared out of the blue, all were our very good friends, from over the years to currently new, and wonderful clients who have visited L’olivo time and time again since we opened L’olivo las year in July.

In America, especially in town like Palm Springs, whenever there is a party or evening event, usually it is either for a business promotion or fundraiser or charity work. That is why we had so many questions last night of the purpose of our party.
Well, our only purpose and the main intention of this evening is to show our sincere appreciation to all of our friends for their friendships with us and to our good clients for their support over the year.

We just wanted to create an evening of sharing good food and good intimate time among friends, and I mean just friends. There was not any business or fundraising related.

So yes, there were 40 invitations sent out and all of the guest showed up. We even got flowers and champagne and cards of congratulations.

So, thousand thanks to our of friends again to come and cheer with us!. And I already informed that next year and the following years, we will do it again and again.

Grazie mille e salute!…