It was a good thing I joined Facebook last month. Because without it I would have missed the chance to watch the 2010 Palm Spring Motorbike Weekend today.
There was not any sign, notice, or even advertise about this event, so everybody thought the city had canceled this year. Then two days ago I saw on Jann Browne’s Facebook (my friend, an American country music singer and song writer) the announcement she made. I informed Ruggero right away to let him know that we have to open for lunch only this two-day event so that we can watch and enjoy the atmosphere.

And what a day yesterday!…full of noises and actions and energies.
I am not a bike rider (and will never be one) and don’t even know much about all that models and styles and brand-names etc. All I know is they look so cool and sooooo…American!

Well, honestly, some really big guys with beards and tattoos and noises do scare me and make me feel like to stay away from them. However, since I know Matt and Jann, that impression somehow changed.

First of all, our friends Matt is not that of a big and rough looking guy like the others and on top of that, he is such a sweet and romantic soul and musician. Matt explained to us that there are about hundreds of thousands of this motorbike in America (and perhaps hundred thousands more are coming). Each one of them is individually designed and is custom-made in great detail, even though 90% of them are from Harley Davidson.

He even goes further of informing us about this motorbike world by telling us how to recognize the difference between the infamous gangsters and the normal bike-rider citizens. Jann Browne as we know her is a fantastic country music singer and song writer. People like this two are good friends, good neighbors, and good citizens. And they have a beautiful bike too.

Anyway, after a whole year of waiting (this event happens every year, hopefully!), the motorbike weekend kicks off the season in Palm Springs nicely.

I took so many pictures and want to share with my readers the day through my camera lens. I also had clips of videos and will download as soon as I can.
Meanwhile, have fun viewing the photos…

Ducati!!!…I like this one better.

Finally, night falls and it’s the end of 2010 motorbike weekend. See you all next year!…