I know this man just several months ago. A friend of Ruggero with whom he used to travel around Europe in the 60’s when they were in their early twenties. Was not that long together actually, Ruggero played bass and Dario was the master of drums and beats.

The band “Dario Ruggero” was traveling and entertaining night clubs, restaurants and hotels for several months. Young and full of enthusiasm as they were, road trips, snow, rains and midnight driving to get to their unknown destinations were their excitement.

And just like any other friendship and relationship in life, the band suddenly ended and the two young men parted. Dissappoinment, confusion and sadness of course, but Dario moved on with his own destiny. With his gifted talent of musical entertainment industry, Dario had his own bands afterward and traveled extensively with his young friends until he met Miriam, a beautiful girl who soon became his soul mate and then a wonderful wife. Dario decided to change his life course from a musician to a successful business man as the three young children arrived the following years. He was then focusing on the responsibilities of a husband and a father beside owning and managing an English Teaching Institute, called Regency in Torino.

Meanwhile, Ruggero had moved to the United States and he too, had became a restaurateur. The two friends disconnected ever since.
In mid summer this year, thanks to Facebook, Ruggero suddenly had a thought of finding Dario through the internet. He tried Google at first, but found nothing. One morning, as soon he typed the name Dario Natali on Facebook, there it was, the face of Dario!
After almost fifty years of living apart, Dario in Rome and Ruggero in America, it was difficult for them to recognize each other at the first contact. But then, by the time they started to talk, an ocean of joys and emotions has embraced them both.
It is the technology nowadays that does a fantastic job in connecting people from all over the world.
This two friends now can talk together whenever they want to. Well, after almost a half decade, there are a lot to talk about. Not just the past, the memories, the wisdoms…but the current world affairs like Dario of Italy and Ruggero of America.

September of 2010, we finally met each other in person. During a trip to Italy, Ruggero and I stopped by Rome to visit Dario and his wife Miriam at their home in Fregene. The moment we met, I could see and felt how much the two friends have missed each other and immediately, a genuine and loving connection was created between the four of us.
That five days when we were in Fregene were ones of the most beautiful and unforgettable days of our lives. Not just because of the landmarks of the region, the touring of Rome and not to mention the food and wine. But above all were the long mornings when we sat by the dinning table over the cups of coffee or bottles of wine each night and chatted till the last drop and the final minutes of the day.

We are back home now in Palm Springs and today we know that Dario and Miriam are in Sicily to celebrated his 70th birthday with their children.

It’s very interesting and fascinating for me to watch this two men talking and laughing till they are out of breaths, sometime their eyes filled with tears.
In life, it is never easy to find true friends and that is not to mention the friendship that last over the years. We are very fortunate to call Dario and Miriam our very true good friends. The relationship that has passed the test of time, of distance, and of every great true values that humanity can think of.
Grazie mille my friends and Buon Compleanno!…