We had a very busy week, last week. Not because of the Halloween like most retail stores everywhere in America, but fortunately, we had a reported article from a local newspaper. So the last three day weekend, L’olivo has received many visitings from local residents, previous and new.
Got this experience from the last year report, with the same newspaper (by a different writer), I had everyone prepared for the crowds, which including myself. As always, my mission is to see our customers, no matter if he or she is a friend or just a passing by stranger, leaving L’olivo happy and full, I am committed to make sure the food, the services and the environment…everything have to be in perfect conditions.
That means lots of preparations and cleanings and prepping. There were some heated arguments during the rushing hours between waiters and the kitchen staffs, which is very common and it happens all the time whenever the tickets are lining up along the kitchen table. But that is when I know I have to be there to eliminate the anger, the confusions and to make sure the hot and beautiful plates come out from the kitchen to the dinning tables. It’s a very difficult task sometime. But at the end of each day, to see our customers happy and leaving L’olivo with big smiles. That’s meant a lot to us.
So, under is the article I am talking about. Meanwhile, Ruggero and I are still working very hard to get the Delicatessen and Cafe bar open soon in November. I will post the Grand-Opening as soon as we ready.
Stay tune!…