As I am sitting home right now writing this post, my feet, my arms and my back are tired and hurt so bad. After a whole week busy running, Ruggero and I are exhausted. Well, fortunately, we have half day off tomorrow plus, a whole day on Tuesday. So we look forward to some relaxing time.

Not just L’olivo, but the entire city of Palm Spring was full of tourists and gay community. Every year, as November comes, every business in town is prepared to greet thousands of gay coming from all over the states to join the parade, and each passing year, the show seems to get bigger and longer. Ruggero and I, as ones of hundreds of businesses along downtown palm Springs are grateful for the crowds that the gay community brings to us each year. And not just the good sales, but the upbeat energy and the vibrant and colorful of the day as well.

We had a blast today at L’olivo. Even as I prepared and to open one hour earlier than normal business hours, we were slammed as soon as the door opened.
Many thanks to our friends Matt and Jann, they arrived before us and managed to save one spot of parking for our car. Otherwise, we would be even more late for work. Not only that, Matt jumped in and helped us to get the table and chairs out to the patio as the parade was already on its way. What a chaos this morning!…Thank you Matt!

Anyway, I took lots of picture with our Iphone, so the quality is not very good. In a hurry, I forgot my camera home.
Luckily, our friend Jann had her digital camera, so I am waiting for her email to get more pictures with better quality. Meanwhile, here are some of the interesting shots from Ruggero’s Iphone…