It has been a long break away from my blog since the last post. I really apologize for this long period of silence. But Ruggero and I have been racing with time for the last thirty days or so. And finally, what we had set out to attain months ago, we achieved.
Business has been busy as usual too, so we are constantly in and out of the house from morning till night. That is normal. The good new is that, our bakery and deli opens a week ago. And if anyone of you ever work in a bakery and deli, you would know how much work there are in a place like that.
Well, and this is just the very beginning of a long journey for both of us. Even though we knew and did anticipated all the burdens and responsibilities come with it and have been prepared, yet, the last two weeks was extremely overwhelming and exhausting. There were days I even forgot to eat and then lost my appetizers when finally I felt hungry. Both Ruggero and I even work in our dreams at night when we sleep!…The brains couldn’t stop working is what I meant.
Anyway, here is the transformation from a dream and vision to reality that I have been talking about.
– Remodeling the shop:

We completely changed the colors of the walls and floor from a sad, dull grayish to the bright, cheerful and warming yellow, green and orange. This change was inspired by the trip to Italy in September. I have collected many pictures of the restaurants when we were there, so now, I can apply all these visions to our own place.
The next step was to put all the furnitures and equipments in places.
Then, inventories:
Ruggero and I are pretty picky about food. And trust me, we know exactly, what is good food and what is a good taste. So, we searched and searched and kept looking till we found couple of food supply companies that sell really authentic and high quality products from Europe that meet our expectations and demands. The prices and costs for that is very high, but the final result and products are so worth it.
Now, come the most important part of the business: produce and display. Without this step, nothing happen and no meaning for all the thing that we did.
Days and nights, I baked and decorated the bakery while Ruggero grounded pounds after pounds of meat and baked breads.
At last, the shop opened the door to public a week ago, and our customers love it.

The presentation of today is not quite like we wanted and visioned yet. We are looking to improve more and make the shop looks much better, but for now and for the time being, we are happy that it opens.
Another new journey has set and we know there is no turning back. Lots and lots of work are waiting for us during the coming days. Ruggero and I are happy with our achievement and are at peace to finally see the dream and vision have come true.