Holliday season is finally here. It arrives just in time to cheer up so many people from all over the world who have been down, stressed and struggling for any reason with life.
it’s true that no matter who you are, where you are or in whatever condition you have been…when the lights are bright on the trees, the shops, the streets and then the Holliday music and that “HO, HO, HO!…” sound from somewhere around the corner, don’t they make you feel better, calm and give you some hope for the future?…
It always does for me, in many many wonderful ways.
I am not talking about the presents under the Christmas tree or the big sales from the Holliday season. What make me happy most is to watch people suddenly walking faster as they get busier with the thing on their lists and the faces start to look happier and showing more life in the eyes. Everybody suddenly get busy and do the same thing: to get ready to celebrate the Holliday and to share precious time with families and friends. And you bet I will do the same thing.
Saturday night December 4th was the night for sharing this cheerful spirit among Palm Springs citizens.
This Light Parade happens every year on the first Saturday night of December. Palm Springs citizens love it and they always get to downtown area as early as 3pm to fight for a parking and a front seat on the street, even though the show starts at 6pm.

By four, the huge parking lot in the back of L’olivo and all the streets around were packed with cars. We had to pull a long rope with some signs to reserve the parking for our employees, otherwise, they could not get in.
Even though Ruggero and I were fully organized and prepared for the worst, yet by noon, we were already out of control. People just poured in from every doors (we have two entrances from the restaurant and now another one from the bakery and deli next door).

Fortunately, our workers are all experienced and professional, plus we are fast and well organized, so the night passed by with very few mistake and mishaps.

In between, I did try to break away from work to take some pictures and to share some moments of joys and to watch the beautiful parade, but very few were taken. Sorry, I did not have many to share with you.

it was a wonderful day. Men, women, children…they were all cheerful, excited and laughing. I love Holliday.