After over a month racing with time to get our little bakery and deli open just in time on Thanks-Giving day, and now that the shop opens and the routine has set…It’s time for us to slow down and to get some rest.
It’s not that we are going to stay home or to sit down and do nothing. Far from it, what I mean to slow down is to get eight hours a day of sleeping like we used to and to walk instead of rushing and running.
We still do restaurant shopping every Tuesday in Orange County (which is about over an hour and a half from Lolivo). Like I said, we are very picky and when it’s time to shop, we want to pick and choose nothing but the best, no matter how far and how expensive the food cost. However, along the way, we always enjoy the scenery and of course the food from our favorite locations.

One of them is a very authentic Vietnamese restaurant which we frequent lately. You can see Ruggero is very happy with his bowl of noodle, called “Pho Tai Bo” and I am with mine.

Coming home from the shopping trip which is usually around 6pm, I like to do some cleaning around the kitchen and then prepare dinner and cook some favorite meals in advance for my son so he can enjoy the next few days. This is the best time of the week for me, personally. Every time, I am doing dishes or cooking near the window, I love to watch the small garden outside the window and waiting for some little friends whom I am sure will coming around.

These little Humming birds come to my window very often and like me, they love to just stand still on the tip of a huge cactus leave and staring at the blue sky above.

Yet, these little friends are very sensitive though, if i make just one delicate movement or sound, they will fly away in just a blink. It is quite difficult to capture their presence.

On the contrary, another friend who is a visitor from time to time and never mind at all the noises I make.

Even when I tapped at the window to wake her up, she just loves to ignore me.

Finally, she ran away and it’s time to get dinner ready. Tomorrow is another day.