I heard that storm and snow have been every where around the world. Here in California, even though is not that bad, but it has been pouring rain and windy for the last several days. Even though I am fond of raining, yet the wet and grayish color just before Christmas somehow make me feeling down and sad a little bit; And I have a feeling that I am not the only one feeling that way.
I think thousands of others around the city feeling the same way. Many accidents are reported each day because of the rain. This time of the year, more people need to move around from town to town to do what they need to do and the rain make the traveling nothing but trouble. We had to cancel our shopping trip today. I was worried not just about the risk of driving on the wet roads, next to all those big huge trucks, but also the chance of getting trapped in the traffic congestions along the freeway.

So we had a rather peaceful day at home indeed.

Ruggero stayed home to rest while my children and I went to a mall nearby for the last minute Christmas shopping. It has been awhile for the three of us, my son and daughter Marc and Vicki, and I going around town. It came down on me that they are growing up kids now. I used to be the driver, but nowadays, I am sitting on the passenger seat, next to him. Years ago, I was the one to carry those shopping bags, pushed the cart, picked and chose the food or the merchandises. Today, my children, they did everything on their own. I can’t help but feeling a little lost and weird. Even though I have to say I am glad and pleased to see they are about to be independent man and woman of their future.

Well, after a long day of running around in the rain and cold, coming home I knew just what to do to cheer and warm up everyone.
The Christmas tree has been already up and bright with light. While Marc and Vicki wrapping up more presents, and Ruggero was busy with his computer, I prepared and cooked a delicious chicken rice soup with cabbage salad. A very popular Vietnamese soup which Ruggero loves it. Marc and Vicki prefer the salad with chicken though.

By 6:30pm, dinner was ready, everyone was hungry and happy to sit down around the dinning table to enjoy a hot warm soup and delicious conversation and laughter.

A perfect cure for a cold and wet day indeed.