One last day before 2010 is ended. I am sure not just me but billions of people out there around the world can’t help thinking about the future and contemplating the past days.

At L’olivo, we have been very fortunate to have a safe and productive year. Sure there are days of sadness, frustration, boredom and irritation…yet, there are countless days of happiness, fulfillment and unforgettable excitement.

Again, through L’olivo, we are so lucky to know so many good clients that turn into friends even just from the very first visit. We treasure the moments they shared their precious times with us and we could see they were happy with us as well.

There is not enough word for me to describe our gratitude also for their supports to us during this whole year and I am sure for many years more to come.

At this moment of time, we want to look back and to ponder on those special memories and to wish them all a very safe, happy and peaceful New Year.