The year 2010 came 365 days ago with a BUMMMM….!!! and yes, it went out of L’olivo with a big BANGGGG…!!!
We are grateful forever of the past year 2010. The most important time line of the young and new L’olivo. Our gratitude first is to the invisible power that is out there (or up above…”Whatever that be” or “Whoever they call”) Thanks to that powerful force that has followed us every step of the way, L’olivo has been safe and is well on its way to another productive year.

The NewYear Eve of 2010 was the most memorable night of the year. Closed for lunch on that weekend (we normally open for lunch every Saturday and Sunday) because I knew there would be lots of preparations for the big nights. So at 4pm December 31th, Ruggero and I, together with other workers, we were ready (after all morning working tirelessly in the kitchen)

As the light turned on, and the balloons were up on the ceiling of the dinning room, everyone seemed to be in a festive mood and ready for the celebration.

By 5pm, the dinning room was already filled up and it continued till the end of the night.

Many of our friends came to dine with us that night (and the night after as well)

But before the crowd, Ruggero and I had time to sit down and enjoy the Lenticchie con Cotechino. It is a very traditional culture of italy that people eat this lentil soup with a special sausage called Cotechino on New Year Eve. They said it will bring good fortune for the coming year. Of course this delicious dish was prepared by Ruggero. The sausage is a fine blend of pork meat and skin that flavored with several special spices. You can see Ruggero and I were in very festive mood as well.

By 11pm, the last customer left and by this time, we were ready to go home to rest after a long day.

Out side the restaurant, amid the cold and dark of the night, a lonely man wearing a beautiful hat just left his party and going home like us.

We said “Happy New Year” to each other with big smiles and then each of us went on our way.
The clock slowly ticked and tacked to the last minute of the day: 12pm!!!…
Goodbye 2010!…Hello 2011!…