It has been almost a month since I had some precious time for my blog. It all started with the crazy busy Holliday season which consumed all of our strength, times and energies. Then the first two week of the new year began with Ruggero catching a bad cold. As strong and resilient mentally as I have always been, I had quite a down and challenging days for the most part of January 2011.

Well, first of all, in order for Ruggero to stay rested, I took on more works and burdens so he could be free for a while. Then, more people came to L’olivo with coughs and cold. Even though I was on guard and tried to be strong most of the time, I finally got it.
The good new was, because I was alert and be prepared, it took me only a week to fight it off and get over it quickly. And as you know, it soooooo nice to breath freely without all that murky and yucky stuffs in your throat and your nose. Thanks goodness!!!…
OK, that ‘s enough for all the bad stories. It’s a new year, 2011, so we should talk and think about something new and positive.
First and foremost though, I would like to inform you that after a whole year dedicated to introduce you (as well as many previous and new readers) about L’olivo and of what and who we are, this year and perhaps for the years to come, I will eventually change the subjects to more about life of Palm Springs and perhaps, other lives around the world like in Italy, Asian countries, America….I think the new subjects will bring more interests not just for you but for me too. I certainly will let you know every now and then what happen and who come to L’olivo along the way as well, so stay tune.

Lately, I had many friends and family members asking questions about how it looks like for the new year and the future, some very personal and some in general. With so little time that I have, it’s very difficult for me to answer to all that questions. Mind you though, I am neither a fortune teller nor a magician or clairvoyance…The truth is, I have a bottomless curiosity, so I read and do self research a lot. Among several interests, a single subject that fascinate me most is Astrology.
Eastern Astrology is a vast knowledge which I am so interested and yet, it is so difficult and complicated to acquire. I was fortunate to learn some basic facts and rules when I was young in Vietnam. Back then, I could find several books and knew quite a few scholars and monks, who like me, were passionate students of this phenomenon study. These masters taught me the beauty of this ancient wisdom which the more I learn and contemplate about it, the more I admire and deeply moved by its mystery and truth, even till today. But since I came to America, it has been next to impossible to find book or any material that related to this subject.
Western Astrology is so much easier to comprehend and to find materials to work and study on. I am fascinated with this discovery too, and so far, it has been a tremendous help for me in trying to understand the mystery of life as well as a great guidance in dealing with the complicate issues of humanity.

Now, in conclusion, either Western or Eastern apart, their ancient wisdom are based on the truth and basic of the forever evolving cycle of life on earth in relation to the universe. Once you have a deep understanding and appreciation of the life on earth (which start with earth, air, water, fire, metal), it’s not that difficult to relate to human behaviors and the roots of all the happenings around the world these days.

Western New year celebration is gone, but the Eastern Holliday is around the corner. It is the biggest and most important date for Asians to pray and to celebrate (for many reasons which I will tell you in the next post). Stay tune with me because on that day, February 3rd 2011, I will show you the first chart of this new decade. Look like it will be one of the most earth-shaking and ground-breaking decade of humanity, both in a blessing and cursing ways.
But for now, have a wonderful day ahead of you and enjoy every moment of your life.