Cung hy! Cung hy! Chuc mung nam moi!…My sisters and I greeted to each other since yesterday and today just as you said happy new year over a month ago, and like so many other Asians, we rushed through several markets, little shops and venders trying to pick the best selections of flowers, our traditional Vietnamese foods, and of course, the most beautiful incents and candles.

It’s 10pm now and the little altar table in my living room has been ready for praying. When the needles of the clock clicks to the last minute of the year, I will pray.
Last year, in the post of the 2010 Chinese New Year, I had introduced to you a little bit about how I learned to set up the altar on New year Eve and to carry on this traditional celebration from my deceased mother. This year, I will go further in details why?

Asians, for thousands of centuries, they believe not only in Buddhism but also in Astrology, the mysterious forces that have the power of control on earth. It is a believe that each and every section of this earth like East, West, Eastwest, North, South, Southnorth…etc.. and the sky above is influenced by a certain major star as well as groups of stars’ forces. Depend on people’s birthday information which will decide what stars and where these influences and power come to this person, he (or) and she can then show respect and link spiritually to these forces (in hope that they will be protected by the good vibrations and spared by the not so good)

Days like New Moon and Full Moon every month, especially on New Year Eve, the day when the sun and the moon join forces for the first time on that particular year is extremely important. Each year around this time, million of books are printed every where in Asian countries (I have seen also here in America) to give the information on what stars and groups of stars will be in power for that particular year and many of them even predict on what will be the consequences and effects on people’s lives.
On the altar, beside fruits, foods and some decorative items, the must and most important objects are the two big candles, which represent the forces of sun and moon. The insenses (some people use little candles) are symbols of little stars above.

Of course, this is also time for Asians to use the altar and the occasion to link spiritually to the deceased family members and to let them know that they are still part of the family even though their presences are no longer exist in this physical world. So now you know why Chinese New Year Eve is so important and why they celebrate.

Last post, I promised you that I would show the first chart of this decade which, to me, shows both very promising and disturbing signals. So, there it is.

These are the charts I drew up from a Western astrology software which I purchased not long ago. With Eastern astrology as a back ground, I am fortunate to be able to read easily the meaning of all the details in the chart in both Eastern and Western perspective as well. It is a very complicate process of putting all the facts together to make up the translation from all that symbols and mathematic information. However, I will try to put it in a simple way to explain to you in the next post as it will take at least couple hours for me to write them down.
Like many others, I am skeptical in matter of belief, however, I am always curious to learn new things each day. So, should I believe in these studies? Well, I have been watching and observing so far for over twenty five years and I will never stop. Perhaps, by the last days of my life here on earth, I will have a clear answer to it all.
Till then, I wish you all a new year of peace for your mind and love for your heart.