Yes, that’s what Ruggero said to me on Valentine day, today, 2011.

This afternoon, as Ruggero was rushing to a grocery store to pick up some extra vegetable for the expected busy night tonight, I wandered around a little party supply shop nearby to purchase some balloons for L’olivo’s entrance’s decoration. Before long, I found this little balloon and immediately fell in love with it. I adore the expression on his face!…Especially the giant EYES on top of the cute little nose and mouth. Of course, he’s mine!…no matter how much he costs.

So, by 4:30pm, L’olivo was ready for another busy Valentine evening. Like last year, we bought several dozens of roses to give to all the ladies of the evening. Everyone was surprised and pleased. We were happy too! not just with the sale, but because we met a very nice Italian family from Bari (South of Italy). They live and work in Argentina now and are currently traveling around America.

Ruggero is delighted as usual, anytime he can talk to somebody who speaks the same mother language.
Another lovely couple whom we met lately and immediately become ones of our best friends are George and Elene Piotto from Canada. George, who’s originally born in Veneto region is Ruggero buddy now. The two men have lots to talk about anytime George and Elene come to L’olivo.

Meanwhile, Palm Springs has become busier and busier as the high season is here and now. The weather has been fantastic. All the grey clouds and cold rain have long gone, only sunshine and cool breezes every day. However, we don’t forget the heat of the summer is coming soon, so yes, everyone is enjoying every minute of it.

I hope you all have wonderful days ahead of you too!