I don’t know if there is any body who has same my age and feel the same way, but after passing my forty eight birthday last month, I feel like I am getting older day after day. Prove me I am wrong!…as many ladies came to L’olivo did say the opposite. They all said: “Come on! women at fifty is still young! still going strong and pretty!” like these energetic and marvelous ladies in this pictures exclaimed to me two nights ago.

Well, I almost did believe in what they said and yes, these women look incredibly beautiful and full of life. I have seen many more beautiful and strong women even over fifty too! like the group of this love bird couples and like Carline Burgin and Heather Woodruff, the two women in the following pictures (Heather is still doing professional bike racing, by the way!).

The truth is, I am feeling more and more tired and exhausted every night going home from work lately, something very unusual which I did not feel like that years ago, and how do I explain that? I guess may be because Asian genes are not so strong like Europeans and Americans? Probably!…
Anyway, no matter what I feel and how old I am, life is moving on and L’olivo is still busy as usual.
I have missed so many chances to take pictures of many wonderful people whom we met lately because I keep forgetting to bring my camera everyday (See!…even my memory is losing) At least, sometime I remembered and tried to rush out Ruggero’s Iphone to captures the moments with these special guests.
Meanwhile, Ruggero is still wooing lots of people with his soft voice and romantic Italian melodies, of course, not to mention his delicious dishes too. It is such a pleasure for us to see everyone’s happy after their meals and then relaxing and enjoying his musics.
So, yeah, it’s true that I am old and I am “over the hill”, and yet “La vita e bella!…” I love that expression and everyone we meet totally agree with that, and that’s is all that matter.