After the last four months running in and out the house from morning till night each day and working nonstop like two robots, Ruggero and I finally have time to sit down, rest and relax. Palm springs has come to the end of its season and most of the snowbirds have been gone. The town is back to its quiet now and the summer is coming!!!…Oh yes, the infamous desert summer with its glaring glory and the deadly heat is fast approaching.
Living in this town in and out for as long as sixteen years, yet I have never (and probably will) never liked or get used to this torture of summer here. To my shocking surprise!…there are many friends and clients that I know telling me just the opposite. They said they love the heat and just enjoy being sweated and bathing in the 118 F (39 – 40 degree) sun every day. For me, I am almost dying every day with just 110F.

But I guess, this is where we will be for quite some time. However during these quiet period, it is the most productive time for bot of us. Ruggero has time now to prepare his Salamis and all the yummy cold cuts for our restaurant, meanwhile, I am enjoying more at home, puttering around the house both inside and outside with my garden. I feel like to live a normal life again and I love it. Ruggero too, he loves to drive around our neighborhood with his electric-cycle when he picks up the mails and just enjoy the scenes.

L’olivo opens less hours now, only dinners from 5pm till closed, except Sunday lunches. Most of our friends from abroad already said goodbye the last couple weeks, but still many friends from local residents come to spend time with us every week. I lost the habit of bringing my camera each day to the restaurant, so now all I can do is using Ruggero I-phone which has terrible quality.

Ruggero has just got a new Android (and I am about to get my I-Pad 2 soon) and it’s supposed to be a very good one. He is still struggling to learn how to use it with its many features. Thanks God we have our children to show us overstep of the way, otherwise, we will go crazy. Well, we all know how new technology nowadays goes. Hopefully, by the time we leave for Italy, we both will be in full control of these devices so we can use them when we travel.

And speaking of Italy, we are anxious counting each day till we leave. The tickets are ready and we are already have many plans for this trip. This year, the challenge is to go around and find a good pasta machine to bring home. Pasta machines are very popular in Italy and they are everywhere. Yet, where to find a good one (we are talking about a big one) at a good bargain is the biggest test. After that, come the question how to ship it to America is not an easy one either. But that is what we will have to accomplish this year. Let’s see what we can do and how this plan will end up. I know there will be lots of headache and arguments (as always between Ruggero and I when it comes to business decisions), but I know with our family and friends in Italy, things will get done somehow. It’s such a privilege to have family and friends in Italy, I tell you. The best thing in life that you can dream of, seriously!
And we love them dearly too!…