We had a very crowded weekend. Thanks to the memorial weekend holiday. In America, I believe we have at least a dozen of holidays a year. All kind of days…Memorial day, Independent day (July 4th), Labor day, President day, Mother day, Father day, Valentine day…that is not to mention Thanks Giving, Christmas and NewYear day. Whatever day it is though, it is always good for businesses in America. People have good reasons to go out and enjoy life.

I love to sit on our patio and watching all kind of people and pets strolling up and down the street, especially during the last recent evenings in palm Springs. For some unexpected reasons, the evenings are so pleasant, cool, and beautiful lately. Tourists flooded into town from all over the world. We met so many friends from French, Germany, Holland, Australia…and of courses Americans from other states too. It’s nice to have a chance to meet and to know these strangers from all walks of life, even just for a while. At the end of the night, Ruggero and I never forget to embrace and kiss goodbye. And wherever they will go, we always wave and say “Arrivederci a tutti voi !”