While Ruggero and I have been grilled on fire every afternoon here with the heat in the desert, a very cool visitor from the far away cold country of Sweden brought us some delightful and cool moment. He is Erick Lovelundqvist. The director, screenwriter and producer of a short film called “URBAN SOUNDS”.

Every year, Palm Springs hosts two major short film festivals that showcase hundreds of works from new and talented directors and producers from around the world. Erick is among these young, creative and talented artists who came here with their works in hope of catching the eyes of Hollywood or some major studios. We wish him and many others with lots of luck and success for their hard works.

With the infamous and intense heat lately, businesses in palm Spring have been slow down as usual. However, last week, we had another unexpected fun and unusual visit of a big group of men and women from Belgium
At first, dinner and drinks were just as usual, even though they came quite late (at 10:45pm). Then, after several bottle of good wines and as soon Ruggero started to sing, the crowd went crazy. Everybody got up and danced.

They went on dancing and singing till over midnight. We were worry that we could never close the door and go home with this excited group till the microphone broke down. That was the end of all the noises. We had an excuse to finish the party and send them back to their hotel. Ruggero was a little upset with his broken microphone but so happy and relieved that they finally left the restaurant. Well, that is just a part of our lives here at L’olivo. We never know who and what will be here at our door the next day. It’s a life of exciting and yet, unpredictable and adventurous sometime, most of the time are happy and pleasant, though a few time, troublesome and annoying.
Nevertheless, we love and appreciate every moment of our lives here on earth, as we embrace each and every individual that has come across L’olivo. Salute!…