Life in the desert is HOT!!! so HOT…HOT…HOT! and I mean every word and every second of it. Just imagine yourself open the door everyday and walk into the between 116 degree soon to be 120 (46F-50F) under the glaring sun, on top of the burning ground…It’s not fun! I tell you. It’s brutal! and some time fatal…
However, it’s this month, in July every year, that palm Springs receives thousands of tourists from Europe. I wonder if any of them know or hear about the infamous heat, until they get here! And sure, they will know and experience. As I have expected, some were screaming and running into our air-conditioned dinning room with burning red faces and sweats. The first comments when I see them were: “It’s so hot!!!…unbelievable HOT!” and we all laugh it off after a good meal. There are many though who don’t really care about the heat at all. Like this couple from England, Steve and July,

The Garveys family from Ireland. I love these two beautiful little girls. They are adorable!…

And the Vorgaard family from Denmark.

It’s sooooooo hot! crazy hot here in Palm Spring that I just want to disappear or fly away, anywhere! But of course, at this stage of my life, responsibilities have to come first and foremost. So yeah, I have to bear the unbearable heat every day, and to complete my dutiful tasks before my time come. That time will come soon, next month. YESSSSSS…, Ruggero and I will fly away very soon!!!…to our dream land and destination…Italy! I can’t wait!…I get excited already.
Meanwhile, working five or six hours a day in the evening is not too bad. I have so many things done in the mornings and afternoons each day (inside our air-conditioned home), and even have time to do some exercise for my own good, finally. Well, it is not some kind of a major running or professional spa trainings like others do (which I should). For me, just to be able to discipline myself so that I can spend fifteen minutes doing stretching and Tai-chi three or four times a week, I think I have accomplished great deal! The bad new is, it ‘s not that easy. There is alway something else disrupting the routine (or may be it’s just my excuse for being lazy)
At least, I am starting to push myself toward that direction of taking care of my health. This is not something very new to me. My mother used to urge me to do exercise back then when she was alive and I was just in my thirty’s. She repeated and repeated to my ears each time I found an excuse(s): “Remember, in life, no matter what you do, how much you make or what kind of a person you want to show, it’s all start with the “real you”, and that “real you” has to be healthy and balance, inside first and outside will follow”. She was really my inspiration and has been a role model through out my life when it comes to discipline and especially exercising. I still can see clearly in my mind the pictures of a healthy woman in her mid eighties, doing Tai-chi and major stretching under the olive trees in our garden every morning from 8 – 9. No matter what condition the weather was or how the family’s life unfolded, she was there under the trees, on the grasses, facing the morning sun, breathing and stretching, one hour, no more no less. She was so healthy and strong throughout her life. Never had any visit to hospital except the last three weeks of her life when her family doctor detected the Leukimere in her blood from a regular annual check up that took her life just three weeks later.
I am trying to exercise now and trying to do as often as I can, thinking of my mother and her words. Nowaday, facing the world of so many uncertainties and hearing and seeing so many bad and shocking news each day, more than ever, I think I am better be strong, very strong inside and out so I can bear any stress and live on. Well, at least, to beat the unbearable heat of the desert 116(46F) outside my door each day for another 60 days. Please God, help me!