Ever since I live and work here in downtown palm Springs, the most common question I have ever heard is: “Where is the Tram-way and how is it?” It’s not easy to tell how and express the feeling until you get there. Only when you are there almost 9000 ft. (about 3000 meter) high above sea level, then you will experience for yourself how it is and what it makes you feel.

Today trip to the Tram-way is the fourth time I have been there, but yes, I still feel excited and happy and overwhelmingly inspired by the beauty of nature.
Ruggero’s nephew, Luciano and his daughter, Francesca, two visitors from Italy and I started around 11am to drive up to the station at the base of the mountain San Jacinto which located only about two miles from our home.

From here, we and other tourists waited for a bus to take us to the next destination just around the corner: the Tram-way office to get our tickets for the ride.

After fifteen minutes waiting in line, about twenty persons will get into a cable to be carried up to the top. it is a fun ride with a little scary movement along the way as the giant cable changed from one station to the next. But it provides a 360 degree view from all angle. You can see very closely the living nature of the desert with all its mighty and multi colors from every rock and characteristic trees and cactuses.

But wait until you stand on top of the mountain and see for yourself all the desert cities and forests below. it’s breath taking and magnificent!…
We had unexpected meeting with the little friends too. Those little friendly squirrels are adorable and we were surprised to see they love potatoes chips more than those healthy fresh blue berry that I brought along. But they ran to Francesca anyway to get food from her and were not afraid when she gently caressed them.

More view from the top and then we went inside for some snack and water.

Couple more pictures as Francesca explored some more height and then we decided it’s time to get down from the mountain.

It was a beautiful day and we were very lucky that the temperature was not that hot so it made the journey more pleasant. We stopped at the souvenir shop to get some presents before the bus arrived to take us to the parking.

Coming home, it was 2:30pm and we all were hungry and tired. it’s time to have a good lunch everyone!