Another day of exploration for our visitors from Italy, Luciano and Francesca, before his depart tomorrow to Rome. This time, to Westminster city in Orange County. A small Vietnamese community called “Little Saigon”.

Only an hour and a half away from palm Springs, so we arrived there around noon. First, we had to take care of our business, so we dropped both of them at Fry’s. A huge showroom for all kinds of technical machines that you can dream of. Luciano and Francesca were hoping to find some good bargains for their computer hunting. But it turned out to be a very disappointed place. Instead they found what they needed just right here, in the desert hours later. But at least, it was good to be inside the show room to see for themselves what is Fry’s.

Then, the fun began. We started first with a big lunch at one of our favorite restaurant, and of course lots of different food for them to try and taste. Francesca is a vegetarian, but that is NO PROBLEM! since Vietnamese, we love vegetables and we have thousands of veggie plates. So there were plenty of tofu, mushrooms, carrots, zucchini, spring sprouts and green bean on the table serving with Vietnamese risotto and vermicelli. Even dessert with black bean in sugar juice!
Of course lots of food was left over since we all were so full and happy!

Then it’s time to take them for a tour around town with some pictures. First, the supermarkets with all kind of exotic fruits and veggies.

Then fishes and sea foods.

A short tour in a pagoda shopping mall before we hurried home as it was getting late.

By the time we all settled in our little car, it was filled from top to bottom with tons of food, both for the restaurant but mostly for our pleasures along the way.

Mama mia!…that’s a lots of food for one day.