I love animals, especially any small, big and giant creatures living under the water level. So as a matter of fact, I love Sea World.

We knew this place called Sea world in San Diego about fifteen years ago, when my children were very young. Of course, Ruggero and I took our son, back then was only five and our daughter was three, to this land of the ocean life to let them see for themselves all the beauties of the sea world. We loved it back then, and till today, that love is still not dying, on the contrary, it grows even bigger after yesterday trip again back to the this wondrous destination.

The trip from Palm Springs to San Diego is about over two hours, not too bad for a one-day travel. We left at 10:00 am in the morning, feeling relaxed and comfortable because we had decided to close L’olivo the day before, so we can enjoy the trip.

We did enjoy the beautiful sight seeing along the way before reaching the gate at 10:30am.

From there, the day unfolded with fantastic views and wonderful experiences.

To know and have knowledge about the life of creatures under the sea is very very different from the experience when you are only one feet (or one meter) in front of them. To look them into the eyes and to hear their voices making you feeling so connected and so closed to these wonderful creatures. I feel like I am meeting again my very dear and old friends who I haven’t seen for a long time.

Along the walking around this Sea World park, there are many more exhibitions of exotic birds and animals from around the world both under the water and on different continents, like the ones you see below…

Almost at the end of the tour, we arrived just in time for three fantastic shows, which by this time, Ruggero’s camera from his Android was about to die. But I managed to use the last minutes of the battery to video some short clips and captured several pictures before it completely dead.

At the end of these show, it was 6:30 pm. After 8 hours of walking around the park, and up and down the stadiums for the shows, Ruggero and Francesca were a little exhausted (even though I was not, I wished I could stay even longer). But it’s time to get back to the car and traffic before the sun set. So we decided to exit to the entrance gates. There are more journeys and so many more pictures and video clips which I can not put them all in this post. But in the next post, I will try again. But for today, that was one of the most fantastic days and the most wonderful moments I have ever enjoyed. I love Sea World!