As I am sitting and writing this post, our great-niece Francesca is already over ten thousand miles away up in the sky.

Francesca is on her way back to her family in Switzerland. People will say I am too sentimental, but just as usual, I am feeling a little sad and empty. This moody feeling happens every time I have to say goodbye to any visitor who comes and stays in our home and then leaves. No matter if that is my sister, my children, my relative…a huge emptiness is what I always feel the moment they disappear at the distance of the road in front my door. It is like they have taken a part of my heart away with them.

Well, it will take me awhile to get back to my normal mood. But for today and tomorrow, I know the images of Francesca, her smiles, her voices, our laughter on those nights of games and movies, the beautiful sunny days on the beach, the mountain, the mutual excitements, the days of discovery will be very unforgettable. We know, she feels the same way too!
We miss her already. But knowing that we will see her and the entire family soon in Italy at least bring some comfort to us. For now, arrivederci Francesca!…You will be missed.