Two days ago, as we were driving on freeway 10 to Orange County for our usual shopping, there were two unusual images that struck us and they reminded me of the current events. The first was a large area of the used to be beautiful hills just about half an hour away from Palm Springs now were totally destroyed by fire.
The second was a broken helicopter which was carried by a huge truck to somewhere for perhaps a fix up and repair.

Well, this two pictures did remind me of this tough week that Ruggero and me have been trying get by, especially the last two days. Even though seeing ahead of time the difficult period and be on guard every day, still, life events seem to be out of control and beyond my anticipations sometime. I always remind Ruggero and even myself to think twice before saying or doing anything that we will regret later and always keep our emotion in check. Because I know that at the end of the storm, there always be a beautiful rainbow for all to see. Beside that, being used to running around and being busy for the last winter and spring seasons, now at the last days of summer when the temperature are in its triple digits whereas the business is super low, Ruggero and I seem to be at lost. I feels a little weird not to run around the restaurant like I used to up until last month. We both know that this final weeks before our vacation will be the longest days of the year.

The sooner we get closer to our vacation, the slower and borer the days getting by is another thing. So, to calm my restless mind and the itchy feet I have been trying to focus my attention instead on other important things on my list such as cleaning up the restaurant and tying up the inventories so we can shut down all the machines before we leave which only ten days away.
Well, amid all that tension and works, L’olivo got an unexpected visiting from a Hollywood star one night. Actually, both Ruggero and I did not recognize this beautiful woman until Greg, the waiter came to tell us that we had a movie star in our dinning room. Of course, we came to say hello and thanked for her visit, plus a picture with her for our blog. Her name is Jenna Elfman, an actress and director of Hollywood. She is famous for her role in the television sitcom called “Dharma and Greg”.

Here, below is a clear proof of the contrast between “Beauty and the Beast”…She _ the Beauty and me _ the Beast…

Ha…ha…ha…just a little joke to make you smile, cause I know, even though I am not pretty but I am not a beast either.
Well, time to get back to work for me, so that soon we will be flying high just like the broken helicopter one day soon will be back to the deep blue sky above.