What a beautiful day!

It started when Ruggero and Dario coming back from the morning ride with their bikes, Dario with his daily newspaper and Ruggero with some bread and the foccacia. Then the four of us went out with the car for a stop at a local market. The first thing to pick up, of course were Mortadella and Prociutto. After that, I grasped several yogurt packages. I have to tell you, these yogurt are unbelievable good (unlike the ones in America, taste terrible to compare with the Italian-made) I tried these yogurt the first time I came to Italy in 2007 and I am crazy for them ever since. They even make them with wheat, cucumber, mint beside those popular fruit like coconut, mango, lemon, or berries. Coming home, we had a wonderful lunch, laughing like crazy with Dario and Ruggero’ jokes and stories.

Everybodies took a quick nap after that big meal. Woke up, we hopped into the car again. This time made a quick stop at our friends’ private garden (about five minutes away from their home) to put some water for their plants before we headed to the beach for the main event of the day: to watch the sunset at the Singita beach (Miracle beach) just around the corner of the house.

We have been and seen many beaches around the world, but the Singita beach is quite different. In fact, very unique and impressive. Italians, when it comes to pleasure, they do it in great styles and in many creative and elegant ways (as you see the proof in these pictures). Foods and drinks of course are always presented among other interesting factors of the event. We came at this time to watch the sunset, so thousand of people already left for the day to go back to Rome. They estimate around between 5000 to 6000 residents from Rome driving here every morning to get away from the summer heat in the city lately.

We sat there until dark to watch the youngs and the olds, men and women…all facing the deep blue sky and the ball of orange disappeared into the Mediteranean sea as an Indian hit the giant copper bell to commemorate another beautiful day has passed. A DJ was busy all day with the music to entertain the crowd and his piece of a very smooth and soulful clip of orchestra did make every one breathless and as we watched the changing colors of the sky and the sea.

In Asian cultures and religions, we believe in re-incarnation. That means a man (or woman) has many lives and each life has different destiny and many many paths on earth to walk through. I do believe in destiny. And today, I am so glad and grateful that my destiny has led me to this beautiful corner of the earth, and to be accompanied by the loving friends and companion at this very magnificent sunset on the beach of Singita in Fregene.