It was just a peaceful day yesterday. Knowing that we have several days more in Fregene and no need to rush anywhere, so Ruggero and I learned to relax with our friends for a day. Usually, both of us always have schedules and plans in our heads the first thing in the mornings. So it’s the first time we learn how to just wake up, have a coffee morning and just easily and leisurely let the day goes by with no hurry and with no plans…It’s nice! We like it.

We were here in Fregene last year, but just for three days and were in a hurry to move on to the next destination so we did not know very much the location and the inhabitants. Yesterday was time for us to do just that. So after the morning breakfast, Dario and Miriam took us for a tour around the neighborhood. I always had an impression that Italians are very much living in the thousand years old buildings and the residents are mostly matures and conservatives.
I discovered yesterday it is quite different with what I usually have seen in movies or on Television’s commercial ad in America. Fregene is a very modern town and by walking around this neighborhood yesterday, it gives me another side of Italy which I have never thought about.

The first thing I noticed are the beautiful pine trees that present in every corner of the street and they are almost everywhere around here. However, I see they exist only in the South and especially here in Rome and Fregene. They are nowhere to be found in the North though. It’s summer now and people are riding their bikes everywhere, old, young, man, woman, children, all ages. Nobody wears helmet and they are just as comfortable riding side by side with cars up and down the streets and at every corners. We took a walk also in a small park nearby after resting our feet at a popular bar and for some snack and drinks (food again!) before walking home.

This morning, we headed to Piazza San Pietro’s square in central Rome. From Fregene, we had to take the train to Rome first which took about fifteen minutes. Then from there, we hopped onto a bus to go to the square.

It was quite a long walk today. At least 4 kilometers (about over three miles) we made around this center, a beautiful walk though. Lots of shopping again before we stopped for a break of fresh air at a bench.
Lunch time, we had no problem looking for a place to eat, then gelato. And with a full and happy stomach, the four of us headed back home through the bus and the train again.
Very tired of long walking and still feeling a bit of jet-leg, nevertheless, Ruggero and I are enjoying every moment of the days. Because we know, every passing minute is the happy moment of life lost. Soon we will have to say goodbye to Rome and our dear friends. But for yesterday and today, “Viva la dolce vita!” (Cheer to the sweet life!)