Well, at this stage of my life, almost half century going by (sounds scary, doesn’t it?), saying goodbye to someone or something dear to my heart should not be a problem. Like they said, every beginning has an ending. But as usual, I am preparing myself for a period of emotional eruptions and vulnerable feeling ahead of me.
Living in America has helped me a lot in hiding my true emotion and it does teach me how not to be too much affected by the circumstances around. America is made just for that, believe it or not! I know it sounds terrible and is not a very good way of living. But in my case, it has been a tremendous help in stabilizing my emotion and protecting me from so many and many heart breaks and confusions and feeling lost.

Today will be one of those days when I need again that cold steel mask to help me move on to the next destination.
I feel attached easily and being here in Fregene the last six days with our friends who have been so dear and so good to us have created a very strong bond between us. I know I will miss very much again the morning coffees, the long walks in the park and the neighborhood, the beautiful sunset on the Singita beach…
But the most and foremost memories are the nights and days when we sat around the dinning tables whether it was inside the dinning room or out in the little cozy garden in the back yard…chatting and laughing and telling each other all kind of stories and experiences and past memories.

We laughed a lot, especially from the hilarious jokes of Ruggero and Dario. These two men have so many things in common. Beside music talent as they are both musicians, they have an incredible humor that make people cracked and burst into laughing easily. You can imagine when two of them siting at the same table!
We were amazed too at the long stories that we were telling each other; Ruggero and I from the States and theirs from around Italy. Meaningful conversations is what I like about the four of us and very educating times to spend the days even when we are in a what called “our vacation”.

That is not to mention the incredible and marvelous meals prepared by Miriam every day. I have to admit that Ruggero and I found a very competitor in cooking. Being a loving and devoted mother of three intelligent children who are now successful young man and women working out there around the world, Miriam knows just how to entertain her guests in her own kitchen, and how to keep everybody happy and full (I mean very very full!) Oh, and did I mention all the veggies and fruits are picked and served everyday from their huge private garden which located about a mile from the house. I learned a lot from her how to prepare some Italian recipes and I did prepare two of my Vietnamese dishes for them to try which Dario and Miriam like very much. Miriam knows now, how to do it herself for their dinners next time.
Well, all that is coming to an end today, at least until we come back next time to Rome, which we will do again and again as long as we live.
Ruggero and I will be sad (especially me!) and miss our Dario and Miriam a lot. At least we have many pictures (about 800s) and videos to look back and to savor the memories in our hearts and minds for the days to come. But for today, “Arrivederci carissimi! arrivederci a Fregene! Arrivederci Roma!…