So it’s September, a beautiful September morning in fact. I woke up with the sounds from far away thunders and the water droppings on the roofs. I could not recognize at first all the noises as I was just coming out from a strange dream, but as soon I heard a big loud thunder, I jumped out of the bed and rushed to the open window.
And there it is! a serene, tranquil, green meadow immerses in the early morning that took my breath away and revived my heart. Immediately, all my troubles, sadness, worries, pleasures, joys, duties….whatever it is that had been in my mind and my in my heart for the past years melted and disappeared into the morning rain. From the window of this second floor, I took a very deep breath and stretched my eye to the far away horizon where trees and meadows are the only objects of this beautiful landscape. At at distance, a church bell commemorated the early hour of the day. Looked at the clock, it showed me 7am. Ahhhhhh!…What a very first morning I have in Pavia! Picturesque and soulful!…just what I need after a long whole year from working tirelessly in America.
But after another five minutes just standing quietly there at the window listening to the rain drops and breathing in the fresh air, my head started to remind me of the daily duties ahead of the day. So, back to the room, back to reality.
Antonella and Ruggero are waiting outside for breakfast. But before I leave, here are the pictures I took when Ruggero and I were in Florence the last two days.

Just a quick comment about this place though so you know how I personally feel of this two day trip. We were here first time in 2007. It was a winter time, a very cold and dam period in fact. So there was not many tourist around. However, to me it was so magnificent and beautiful back then. This time, a sunny dry and clear summer sky, on the contrary, I was shock to see again the very same place I used to admire and fell in love, now gives me a very different feeling and taste.
I did not understand why during the first day as we were walking around and hanging out at the steps of the famous Duomo. But by the second days, as I was standing on the Ponte Vecchio Bridge, the voices from the past coming back in my head helped me to see clearly the pictures ahead of me.
I know a very Milanese Man (Roberto Marenzi) who once softly and politely gave his comment when I was whole-heartedly praising the beauty of Florence. I remember he said at that time: “Florence is abused every day, too many tourists!…”. And he stopped there. I did not understand back then why? and how could Florence being destroyed by tourists.
But I see clearly now how, and why this young man who loves his peoples and his country said that.

Well, looking at the waves of peoples which pouring into town from all over the world and from all directions around Tuscany, Ruggero and I got shock to see trashes, and wastes human left behind as they suck the blood out of this beautiful place. not only the tourists who bring with them the destruction, but the residents there who take advantage of the business of tourism and careless about their own city. Well, you can imagine everybody take and take away the life of Florence, but nobody care and give back to the city what it needs to survive the cycle of life and withstand the destruction of time and weather.

I love Italy too much and even though I was not born here, it is so dear to me just like my home town and my second mother land. The images you are looking at is what Florence looks like in the photographs. Forget about the trashes, the graffiti, the beggars on the streets, and the very ugly peoples I found at some corners (which I won’t show you) then it is a perfect picture in the end. May be some day, yes some day, a miracle will save and help Florence. And it will forever be one of the most beautiful and memorable town in the world.