If you just know this country by movie and television, or just by only “a ten day trip rushing through from South to North”, then you see nothing. However, to eat at the same tables, to listen to the conversations at the local bars, to peruse slowly from one local street market to the next (each town has different scheduled day of the week) and to watch the expressions of how they talk to each other in different regions…then you really know Italians. And I tell you, they are all very unique from region to region. I have found out now that the Romans are very different from the Milanese and just by listening to the accents, Italians they know exactly where that person come from.

In the North here, the sky is less bluer than in Rome (which reminding me of Vancouver Washington, where we used to live). Yet the landscape here is a lot greener and cleaner. Lombardy region is famous for the Risotto. Every where you go, you will see fields after fields of rice and corn which stretch to the far away horizon. In fact, Luciano, the man of the house (Antonella’s boy friend) is working on his fields at this moment, preparing for the harvests which coming shortly, perhaps by the end of this month. Ruggero and I love to go watching him working with his friends and the local residents. It’s so beautiful to look at the golden fields glowing in the sun and dancing in the winds at sunsets.

First, we have to do some business so with Antonella and Luciano’s little car, we started the day by going to the offices in Pavia. If you are not Italian, it’s next to impossible to make a living here. For example, just to open a bank account here in Italy without an Italian document, there are immediately hundreds of rules and regulation. But as soon Ruggero said he was born and grew up here in Milano, the whole situation changed. “Why did not you said so in the first place???” The manager even exclaimed. Antonella made couple calls to a person whom she knows is in charge of the city hall and knows how to find Ruggero’s birth certificate and that’s it. That’s how Italians work their ways around here, connections and connections.
Well, happy with the achievement of the day, in the afternoon, we stopped at the super market to get some breads and food for the evening. Before coming home, Antonella took us to a local private park where only limited members (who work at the same company) can go in and enjoy the pool and the parties they organize at this location from time to time.

There was a bar and restaurant we saw in a mall which reminded us of America. It’s called “The wild West”. From this place I can see many Italians love the West culture and want to be a part of it. Max (his American name), the bartender at the bar was very nice to answer all our questions and we exchanged some information to connect in the future.

Finally, back home for dinner, a very delicious one indeed. After a long day wandering up and down, it’s time to taste all the goodies we got at super market. We all were very very hungry..Buon Appetito!