The last two day alone, I made at least over 1000’s photographs. If you ever set your feet here in this part of the world, you don’t need to be a professional photographer to be famous (if you want to, I meant) The point is, the landscape here is like a post card itself. It’s so magnificent and beautiful that it is impossible not to pick up the camera and click.

I have to admit that we are so fortunate to have family members who have a residence here in Switzerland, otherwise, we probably would never be able to come here in the first place. Well, beside the cost of traveling as we all know, the next step is to pass through confusing streets, freeways (you have to pay all the freeways’ costs and border along the way. Luckily, with Antonella knowledge about Italian freeway and Luciano (Ruggero’s nephew) residence privilege, we did make it through the borders with just a little incident. It wasn’t too much drama. It just scared me a little bit when the Italian police car made a sudden stop right behind Antonella’s car and two police men jumped out toward me as we were waiting for Luciano arrival at a parking lot not too far from the border. It was serious at first, but after they examined our passports, everything was clear and in the end, they even agreed for me to take couple pictures with them for my blog.

After that, the rest of the day was a picture perfect: Family reunion around the dinning table with many stories to tell and so many memories to share.
The Marenzi lives in a very cozy, stone-made, hundred years old building in a little town called Origlio. After a big pranzo (brunch), Luciano and his wife Rafaela and the two beautiful daughters took us for a tour around their resident. Just for your knowledge, Switzerland is divided into three section: the Italians, the Frenches and the Germans. Needless to say, Luciano family lives on the Italian part. Everybody speaks Italian here and the entire village looks just like Italy (except, it’s a lot cleaner and more organized). Well, everybody knows when it comes to a perfect society, nobody can compete with Germany and Switzerland. Before, I just heard about it. But I saw with my own eyes now the reality, and it’s so true. I can’t find any trash and graffiti around here (and believe me, I intentionally looked for it everywhere we went)

Each part of this town has its own impressive landscape. In Origlio, I was mesmerized with the romantic little lake and the unique architectures that surrounds it.
Lugano however is a very modern and prosperous city. Apart from the city architecture which is a kind of it own, the world famous Lago di Lugano reminds me a lot of Lago di Como though. I think because of the Italian mentality here, it’s made and designed just like the other which located in the Northern part of Italy. They are both beautiful as well.

So, yes, Ruggero and I were here in Switzerland September 4th and 5th 2011. Thanks to Luciano and his warm welcoming and hospitality, we had such a spectacular memories and wonderful times together.
Thank you Luciano, Rafaela and our dear grand nieces, Francesca and Lucia. Arrivederci a tutti!