It’s our final weekend here in Italy. All the business-related connections plus some personal projects on our “must-do” list completed. So both of us felt relaxed and took time to enjoy the last days of our vacation. Needed not to look far, there are so many events around Pavia each weekend to choose from. Since Antonella involved in couple of them with her friends, we decided to go along with her for the days.
The first was a singing contest on Friday night in a small village next to us called Travaco Sicomario. After dinner, we arrived at the location just in time for our friend Roberta to perform her chosen song: “La voce dell silenzio”. This was the first time ever Ruggero and I participated in a public contest. If it’s not for Antonella and Roberta (whom I know through FB), we would not even know how a singing contest look like. Well, since everybody sang and spoke Italian which I am trying very hard to understand, I felt a little awkward. Fortunately, Roberta speaks some English plus Ruggero is very helpful everywhere we go when it comes to translating, so I did enjoy the songs and got along pretty well.

Though the lyrics of the songs were foreign to me, but the music and the performances were fantastic. The contest singers came from all ages, old, young, men, women, children…They had camera men and even the jury to count the votes. After all the last performance, which were about twenty of them, came the dance and the music from a DJ on stage. At this time Ruggero and I was tired, so we made excuse and went home. It was over midnight.

Saturday night was another night with the public. But this time, the location was just around the corner of the residence where we stay. We met lots of friends in person whom I knew previously on FB. It was nice to finally talking to them especially, some of them speak fluent English.

The party started first with burgers and barbecues. It was interesting to see two guys doing the barbecue with one arm holding a table lamp for some lighting as they work. There was not enough lighting as well as not many convenient tool around here, yet I saw everyone laughing and dancing all night. It was meant to be an American-country event, so of course, most of them dressed in cowboy outfits. Country music was played by a DJ and there was even a dancing teacher to teach everyone who interested to learn how to do the steps of the country dance.

I am not crazy about dancing even though I love to watch people dancing. So after spending sometime to take lots of pictures and to record some video to share the special memories with the friends we met, Ruggero and I (the only ones) left the party to go home and rest. It was midnight again and as we came to the parking lot, there it was! A beautiful full moon from the sky! The planet was the most beautiful thing I have seen of this weekend and the picture I got from it was the best of all.