It was a perfect Sunday for us yesterday. Waking up late with no rush to do any business and no appointment, just enjoyed a light breakfast with my morning cappuccino, then got ready for the ride of the day with Luciano and Antonella. Couple days ago, Andriana, Ruggero’s sister and her husband Giampiero, gave me a beautiful present. Even though I did study several information about this region Lombardy on the internet, but holding this valuable and beautiful book called ” Emozioni in Lombardia” (“Emotion in Lombardia) in Italian with English translation, it gives me a stronger desire to see all this landmarks with my own eyes. And yesterday, we did just that.
We started out first from the closest location next to us, Stradella, a very busy and prosperous town about half an hour away from Milano. Then, from there, through the main highway (called Strada in Italian) we proceeded South toward the green wine hills that covered the entire southern part of this Lombardy region.

Passing through many little towns which I can’t remember all the names, but the two most beautiful are Casteggio and Broni. By the time we reached Broni and Santa Maria Della Versa, it was just in time for the “festa dell’ Uva” (feast of the grapes) which holds at the end of every summer. Local residents came to downtown to celebrate the harvest and there was also a show of antique trucks and ancient machines which their ancestors used to work with hundred years ago to make wine. Of course there was also wine tasting, music and a fantastic antique street market which had me going crazy from booth to booth. I love antiques! It’s my passion.

I have so many pictures of this place but the internet is too slow here so I have to give up the pleasure of down-loading the pictures for you. After about an hour walking through only half way, we were hungry so we had to find a place to eat. It took just a turn around a corner to find this little restaurant, run by a mother and daughter called “Mama Angela”. I don’t want to repeat again and again on my blog, but there is no other way to say how good the food here! So, again I have to say Fantastic!!!
More walking after the meal, then Luciano stopped at a near by wine manufacture to buy some bottles for the evening. We found out here that this company has a helicopter service that take customers for a tour around their wine hills for the price of 30 euros a person ($50.00). We are not crazy for this kind of ride, so we passed. it was getting late and after a long day of walking and driving, we were all tired. So we headed home. I really had a wonderful Sunday!