So it’s the beginning landmark of L’olivo third season. After a long hardworking year, it’s time for us to celebrate a good time with our very very good and dear friends.

Even though about a dozen of guests either could not make it to the party for some personal reasons or because there were several emails returned because of typing errors, we had a good turn out of many other friends who came and enjoyed good time last night.

Honestly, it took several days for Ruggero and I to organize and prepare the menu. There were some stress and arguments in between too. But when the time comes and as we saw everybody chatting and laughing and cheering among friends, that made us happy and gave us our satisfaction to see these friends having a good time with each others. Well, life has been very hard lately for everyone here in America, so this is just what we all needed to get motivated again and move on.

Thank you to you all my friends! to you who were at L’olivo last night and also to those who could not come…Thanks a thousand times again for all your time and your supports to L’olivo. Cheers!…