It has been only three weeks since we left the air port Malpensa near Milan to Los Angeles but I felt as if it had been three months since we are back. And I am not alone.Ruggero felt exactly the same way too.

It took a lot of our energy and will power to make the L’olivo engine runs again like it used to before we left to Italy. Yet, we did it. It was so difficult and depressing at first, but after the first couple weeks of self-disciplined and tremendous effort, then came along The Second Anniversary party that made both of us running like crazy. This week, every thing runs smoothly and efficiently like we always want it to be.

Ruggero and I start to go on shopping schedules for L’olivo as usual as you see him here pushing the carts and preparing to load them into our “long time good old friend” van. I call this red van our good friend because it has been with us for over ten years, and though as old as it is, it has been so good and helping us for so long. We both feel attached and thinking of it as a friend (we are too sentimental ! I know)

Well, the past three weeks even though were as long as three months like I said before but we have come to know so many good and nice friends again. New faces , new names, new connections from all over the world as well as in the United States. Every person we met and talked to is another wonderful soul and spirit that has crossed our paths. We are thankful to get to meet all these unique individuals and to get to know them personally. Many of our good old friends came and visited us too. it feel so good to catch up with them after long period of disconnection.

About ten days ago, there was a big fire on the hill just about a mile across from our residence. It lasted for many hours and into the night. Watching the smokes and the flames coming down to the foot of the hill that night with many polices and fire trucks blocking the freeway that leads to our home, Ruggero and I were not so worry, cause we knew there was not any danger.

The next day when I woke up at 9am, the fire was gone. I still can see lots of smokes from a distance, but by that afternoon, everything was clear and back to normal.

The heat is about to end soon. In fact we had the last five days very cool and pleasant even though the weather forecast is showing the high temperature again next week. It’s so beautiful this morning to look at the mountain peaks standing magnificently against the deep blue sky from my back yard. My little Humming bird friends are still coming and hopping from branches to branches every morning as the desert sun shines brilliantly on the top of the San Jacinto mountain. Life in the desert still beautiful as it has always been, but somehow, something has already changed significantly. I guess it’s the changing season of the year that make me feeling this way, or may be, it’s just me!…