The desert finally had passed through its summer (phew!!…I am so glad!) and fall is already started couple weeks ago. I think more than anybody that we know, I am the most happiest person to see the first drops of rain falling down on the desert. Ahhhhh!…What a beautiful pictures of desert landscape in autumn! In fact, snow has presented themselves already on the tip of the San Jacinto Mountain as you see.

Thanks to L’olivo (especially Ruggero who continues to devote his time and effort to keep L’olivo’s engine running day in day out) I am still working hard and pressing on with our lives despite my recent depression. L’olivo has been busy lately so even if I wanted to, I don’t have much time to sit still and to think too much, which is good for me. Since we opened business back in September, there were several annual events happened in Palm Springs. First, was the Motor Bike weekend in October, the Gay pride parade last weekend and the Veterans and American army just finished their proud walks of honor couple days ago.

Due to some changing programs in operation, L’olivo has not opened lunch yet, so we were not be able to anticipate the events whole-heartedly like we did last year. I did make an effort to come to watch, took many photographs and even cheered people up as they were passing by. Those days did help me a little bit with my recent anti-social mood. Slowly, I think I am coming out of this shut-down symptom.

For the last two months since we’re back from Italy, I have been isolating myself from all sources of social involvements, except when I am at work at L’olivo of course. I don’t watch TV any more (since the news make me even more unstable). I do updating my knowledges about what is happening in the world out there every couple days but through different sources on my laptop. Thanks to internet, nowadays,  everyone can have instant information with the stations one trusts, instead of listening to only few bias channels on television. I withdraw from Facebook lately and not even have strong desire to write my blog as often as I used to before.

I still don’t know why suddenly I have this withdrawn symptom. My children said because of my menopause I have mood up and down, which am not sure about that. I am doing very well with my menopause despite all the hot-flashes and changing cycles of my body. Many people said I should take herbals or hormone pills during this time, but those are the last things on my mind. I prefer each morning exercises in my back yard directly under the blue sky and bright warm sun for half an hour and my favorite books whenever I have time.

By spending more time now by the trees and bushes in the back yard, I have found my love, Mino. Mino (a short name I took from the word Milano) is a very tiny humming bird who is there with me every morning when I do my exercise. I have found that no matter rainy days or sunny mornings, Mino is standing on his three favorite positions enjoying the peaceful and tranquil moments just as much as I do. He is a very lonely and private being. Sometime, he just stands quietly on that cactus leave for over an hour looking around. He knows I am watching him with my camera too, but I think he feels comfortable with the distance I respectfully give between us. He has been watching me doing my exercises every mornings from the very same cactus leave and seem rarely bothers himself with the callings of other little friends flying over and around him sometimes. That makes me happy and very flattered.

I am happy nowadays with his daily companion and my tranquility, especially with the Italian books I brought with me from Italy. You will probably not hear from me much like I used to (even as much as I want to also) But I will make a commitment to get on this blog at least once a month, so you will know what is going on here at this desert corner of the earth. Till then, I hope everyones find peace and love and be strong to meet all the coming challenges and changing of the world out there.