Despite so many projects still waiting for me on my desk and a full schedule, I think it’s time for me to set aside all those demands to write a tribute to so many new friends and guests who have made time to come to visit us from all over the places.


The Weisstanner from Switzerland, Cornelia, Martin, Natalie and Marco.

I have managed to capture some pictures (if i remembered to bring my camera), many others, I lost the chances. And these moments are very dear and special to us as well as for them (as these were the only time they were passing by Palm Springs)

As usual, many good laughs, intimate conversations, and some good shares of information. Ruggero got to practice his foreign language skills with Germans, French, Spanish even to the Danishes and Swedish too. I could see they were delighted to hear somebody talked the same language as theirs. That was so fun to watch.


Many of our local friends came to visit too (and I always forget the camera, shame on me ! ) Thank you Chris ! for reminding me of my blog. You are the reason I am coming back to this writing. Hope you doing well with your recovery at home.

Thank you Jane and Matt, my soulful sister and brother, for sharing some quality good time with us last night. Like you said Jane, no matter how long we are apart, we pick up right away where we left the last meeting. Love you, sister and brother.

Emmanuel, Caroline and Dominique, we miss you already. Wherever you are right now, wish you all the bests and have a good journey. Hopefully, somehow and someday we will meet together somewhere. Just remember, for us, you have left a wonderful and an unforgettable memory in our hearts. We thank you for that !