After a year of very very hard working, finally, we get our break. The last days at L’olivo were rough. Not just about cleaning up and re-arrange to get ready for the next season, but lots of sweating, from the heat, of course. As I get older, the heat has been draining out my energy “fast and furious” (ha…ha…I meant really bad). But the good side of summer is that at the end of its season, Ruggero and I get to have some time off to recharge our batteries and to get out of town to see the world. That is the best part of living in Palm Springs.

So the first three days since L’olivo closed (officially on the 20th of August) we dedicated to spend time with our children. A trip to San Diego was just what we needed. A little exhausted during day time walking up and down the harbor and the zoo, but it was so well worth it. Everybody had a great time and lots of discoveries about the ocean, the ships, navy, animals, tropical and mammals. At night time, in the hotel room, was good time to catch up with my children daily lives. Listening to stories they were telling or talking and laughing together about old memories were our pleasure.

Then the next two days were for family re-union after a year. I have a big family on my side (thanks to my mother) so whenever we are together, there are lots of people and noises. Ruggero is not very fond of that so he usually stays home. I had such a good time with my sisters and our children. It’s a great happiness for us, as sisters and mothers, to see each of our children eating, joking and laughing together in harmony. It so worth to live and work hard for. It’s reminding us the meaning of our lives every time we are all together. Life is beautiful!

Today, back home, Ruggero and I are getting ready for the next trip to Europe to see Ruggero side of family and some good friends. We can’t wait! we have been counting each day ever since summer began and it’s finally coming. We are ready! Arriverderci tutti !