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Three days in Paris, even though it wasn’t long enough to know her beauty, but it’s enough to create a desire to make me wanting to come back for more. Cause, I know like Italy, you need to stay at least a month to taste all the flavor and to see the depth of Paris.

Known as the cradle of the world literature, Parisians are very proud of their intellectual properties and art. And yesterday, visiting the Musee’ Du Louvre, I see for myself why.

Just three hours alone, we did not even finish one section (which was Italian, of course) of this museum. Walking up and down the stairs and passing through so many long hall ways, where they stored hundreds of Italian art works was more than enough for my tiring feet. Beside my jet leg started to kick-in very bad. So as much as I wanted to spend the entire day to explore other sections like French, Dutch, Flemish, Russian, Egypt, Greece, Asia…(the list goes on and on)  I asked Ruggero to take me back to the hotel. Shame on me!

Well, at least I’ve got to see for my own eye the original master pieces of Raphael’s and Lorenzo Bartolini. The incredible, for-ever long lasting touches of the masters on the marbles. What a beauty!

And to admire the “Death of the Virgin”, by Caravaggio, the ideal painter I admire the most. I have a book of all his art since I was very young, but to see the original paintings in front of me was unbelievable.

And of course, people from all over the globe travels to French, mostly to see the world famous “Mona Lisa”. That, I will not miss, no matter how tired I was. And there she was! It took me about ten minutes to break through the human barrier (politely) to get a picture of her, even though not very close. But, I am happy just with that.


Finally, the yummy chicken and ham sandwiches with real french baguettes. I can eat that every day, no problem. The last night, we had dinner at the Porte de Choisy, a sector known in Paris as “China Town”. We found many Vietnamese restaurants (beside all the Chineses’). So we were happy to settle for “Pho” after three days of French meals.

Tonight, we are safe and comfortable in the company of our dear friends Dario and Miriam in Fregene, Rome. The weather is so cool and in fact, it’s been raining since we came back from the airport. But with Dario’s charm and humor and the excellent warm dinner prepared by Mirriam, Ruggero and I know in our hearts that we are very fortunate to have friends here in Rome. It feels just like home.