Even though my Italian is still very poor (no matter how hard I tried, or may be I haven’t tried hard enough, I don’t know) But by now, after traveling back and forth between Palm Springs and Rome and then Milano, the last four years, I think I start to get familiar with the Italian living quite well.

The last three and a half days in Fregene with Dario and Miriam gave us quite a picture of what and how is the life of the Romans. Have been here and there all over Rome before, so the first two days even though it was pouring rain, we were quite happy to stay home  watching “La dolce vita”, drinking Barone, and enjoying the home-made lunches and dinners that lasted for hours and hours with the endless conversations.

The third day, as the sky got clearer, the four of us took the chance for a walk at the Fiumicino harbor. Very different from  last year because of the rain and as the summer vacation is ending at this time of the year( the first day of September), there was not many Roman roaming around town like usual and the beach was empty. However as we were strolling along the pier, it’s interesting too watch two men chatting leisurely and drinking a bottle of wine while they were fishing.

 Like the harbor in San Diego, California, the restaurants around this area serve their seafood menus with the fresh catches of the day. We tried the raw (marinated) Salmon and Anchovy filets, they were excellent.

Whenever Miriam and Dario happen to be at this location, they always stop at a store, which very popular in town for their fish craving. Last year was a Branzino, this year, a Rombo (Brill) a very tasty and tender fish dish. I have to say, I am a big fan of Miriam cooking, even though I am a good cook myself. Besides, she uses only the fresh cut vegetables and herbs from their own garden. Of course, it gives a much better taste and texture to everything she does, not to mention a lot healthier.

Tomorrow, we are leaving with the train for Milano. Again, we will miss our friends and the simple life  of Rome very much. Like the trip with our children to San Diego, to Paris, now Rome, it always come to the time to say goodbye. But we know, it won’t be long till the next time when we will be in each other’s company again. Till then, “Arrivederci a Roma!” “Ciao Dario and Miriam, we will miss you!”