The last ten days visiting Milano were very emotional and special to us, at least to me personally. We have been here several times before. Each time, always new discoveries and new faces to see. That’s normal. But this time, it’s very different. Since we don’t have many items left on the list for business (which we did during the trip last year), so we have more time to relax and enjoy Italy.

And just like I promised to myself last year, we did spent more time this year to explore Milan and several cities around it. First, was a day with Sisi (Ruggero’s sister) to “Il Museo del Novecento” (The museum of the modern Art). I realized I had passed this building many times before ( as well as the “Castello Sforzesco which is another famous attraction of Milan), but never had a chance to even know it exists. Finally, with Sisi’s introduction and effort, we arrived to its door. And I am so glad we did!

The Art of Modern and Abstract used to be a foreign subject to me years ago. Back then, I did not understand the concept and often ignored it. Thanked to an artist (and used to be a friend) who spent time to explain to me that with the depth of colors and the simple strokes of shapes, once co-operate artfully can transform feelings and emotion into beautiful work of art. I did tried several canvases with this concept and I have to admit that, I started to like Abstract a lot. It really does give the artist the freedom to express the inner feeling intuitively and effectively, without drama.

The next surprise was the “Castello Sforzesco”. Unlike the museums in Paris and Rome, this castle, at this moment, are displaying a huge collection of Italian handcrafted treasures, which many of them dated back in the 1400’s and 1500’s. It took hours to finish floors and hall ways full of antiques, rare music instruments and home decor.

I took so many pictures but this blog could not hold too much. I even had to resize the pictures smaller so that I could speed up the down-load. Anyway, I think it’s very hard to appreciate these treasures if someone just look from the tiny pictures, so there is no point for me to try.

It was a very good day for me, even though my feet hurt so bad after six hours of walking all over the streets of Milan. At the end of the trip came another pleasant surprise for us, it was pouring rain that afternoon. May be it is very inconvenient and uncomfortable for people to go to places during the rain, but for me, I love dashing through the dropping water and the winds. That was my pleasure when we were young. I used to run out with my childhood friends to the streets bathing and laughing in the rain despite my mother screaming from the window for me to come back. That was back then forty years ago. At least that day, I had a short moment for me to remember how nice it is to be young and free again. To feel the rain, the wind and the cold of Milan, for me yes, it was a very romantic day!