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The last two month was quite a journey for me, personally and professionally. Back at the end of September, I was still in the midst of some deep depression. I struggled to get out of this moody period by finding an outlet for all that bottomed feeling inside me. Then, I found an ideal goal, PHO!

PHO’s a very popular Vietnamese soup that has become a trend for lunch in America lately. I was surprised to see a pretty enthusiastic reaction from our clients as well as many new comers during the last three weeks. It took a lot of time and efforts to create the menu, the prep line, the trainings and inventories to bring it to life though. There were exhausting days and sleepless nights I had to go through. But as of today, after three weeks of serving PHO at L’Olivo, we are steadily and surely on our way to a brand new future for all of us. We all feel so good about it and most importantly, it benefits everyone (L’olivo workers and customers alike) in the long run. That’s including myself of course. Thanks to the demanding of this new line of lunch menu, I have been so busy that I have no time to think or to be sad any more. And it’s exactly what I needed to move on with my life in a meaningful way. I am glad I did!

Meanwhile, as Ruggero started his new batches of Salami and sausages for the coming seasons, the rhythm of life in Palm Springs has slowly started to come back. First in line was the motor bike weekend to kick off the season (in mid October). Then, the annual Gay Pride Parade (November 4th).

Just three days ago (November 11th) , was the Veteran Parade. We, the workers at L’olivo had our chances to salute and cheer to each and every members of those celebrations. The whole town was coming out to welcome and showed their supports to their loved ones and the causes they hold dear to their hearts, which I could see clearly on the faces, the smiles and the warm-hearted waving. The fireworks in the sky at the end of all this celebrations reminded me so much of the grand and great life that embraces us all and how precious this life on earth is to every human, no matter who we are.

After all said and done, all works, duties, responsibilities fulfilled, in the end though, it is still the emotion, the feeling that give our life meaning to live for. That is when I have to return to my family, my children, my sweet memories of Italy and the loving people in that faraway land, and especially now, to our good friends here in America. We have many, many acquaintances and good friends here, but closed friends! just within the few fingers. We treasure these friendships greatly as if they are our brothers and sisters. I would like to introduce you to two of them, two very special friends of us who recently just came from Seattle and visited us last week. Brook and his wife, Sharron (and Tom and Marcia, two other closed friends as well), walked into L’olivo door some three years ago and we fell in love immediately the very first moment we talked to each other. Beside being a great successful business man in Seattle, Brook is a very passionate, generous and loving father and husband of his family. Above all that, he is the most charming and funny guy I have ever known as well. Just look at the picture and you will see what I mean. Brook was wearing the costume he made for himself at a Halloween party recently near his residence, and Carol was a wild motor-bike lady with (fake) tattoos. Knowing who he really is, I laughed so much the night he emailed me the picture that I had to thank him for that precious pleasure. You’re great Brook!

So, tomorrow will be another busy day for us, and Holidays as you know, are coming fast. If you don’t hear from me for a while, you know, just like you we are busy working and living the beautiful life as much as you do. Mostly, only our friends and family members from both sides of the earth will read L’olivo ‘s blog. But if you happen to find this page through the Google engine, I thank you though for reading this blog and hopefully it gives you some thought and meaningful moments. Goodbye to all of you now, as the winds are waiting outside to carry us up and away for the next gorgeous and busy days. CIAO!…