Finally, it’s that moment in time when all the noises, the heavy breathing from sweat, the races against time, the dizzy flashing thought rushing through the brain and all other life requirements…come to a complete stop. Even just for a short moment like this morning as I woke up and sat quietly in the swing chair at the back yard with my coffee joining the harmony with my little friends. PEACE, at last!…Ahhhhhh.


First of all, I’d like to express our gratitude to all of our friends both from here in America (especially, local patrons) and many others from around the globe for your time and time again visits to L’Olivo. We deeply treasure your friendships and supports to us throughout the year. It’s your very happy smiles and the warm embraces that keep us up and running days after days, after all.

It has been a year period personally for me to reach this moment actually. A very hard working and productive year (at L’Olivo) as usual, I can say that to myself without hesitation. Some of our friends and family members criticize sometime that we work too hard and not enjoying life enough. It’s probably true of what they say. But personally for me, to live a fully meaningful life means to be productive and creative in every way and at every moment in time if I can. So then, I can’t help but keep on creating, producing and accomplishing. Even if sometime it’s just a small and simple project like cleaning the entire house the last couple days. I am tired. But at the end of the day, the experience of accomplishment is very pleasant.

Two more days before our trip abroad, obligations are finished (for awhile), invoices are paid in time, commitments fulfilled, I can reward myself sitting here in silence and have a little time for refection on the past year.


The very first thought that came to my mind this morning was to send an apology to all of our friends and family members around the globe. I am asking you all for forgiveness for the blank blog and the silence over the year. It’s not because I was too busy working even though it’s true. But the main reason was that I realized I had not any important or worthy story to write about. Certainly, if I have chances to spend sometime with some friends and family, I sure will have endless of life subjects to discuss with that someone in person, with great pleasure. However, since I realized that blogging (or Facebook) is not a very good place for me to be personal, I had some doubt and stopped. I still keep L’Olivo Facebook page active and updating news and facts every week. It’s one of my obligations I have to keep. Because that’s how business goes. As for blogging, it has got to have something good to write about. Otherwise, it just a waste of time for the public and mine as well.

Well, this conversation today is not meant to say goodbye or to announce the end of L’olivo Palm Springs blog just yet. Perhaps someday in the future it will end just like life always does. I certainly will let everyone know when that time comes. At the present time, especially during the next few weeks, as we are preparing and start packing for Vietnam. I think I will have something interesting and some stories worth to write about. This will be a very special trip for both of us. As for Ruggero, it will be quite an adventure as this is his first time to Asia. And for me, it is a long over due time to go back to my root to pay respect and to amend the broken hearts which left wounded for over two decades since I left home after the war.


Well, look forward to carry everyone with us throughout this journey through this blog.