So I am back. Standing here at the balcony on the third floor of the house where my mother used to raise us, I and my siblings, with her love and life, and then it is the very troubling house that we all had to desperately run away from it some thirty years ago. For me, it is almost twenty three years, exactly to the date in seven weeks.

My goal was to post the first blog a week ago. Unfortunately, I experienced few troubles the last several days as soon we arrived to the airport in LAX. I don’t know whether it was because of the overwhelming joy of seeing my family after so many years, or because of the jet lag…It has been very hard for me to keep my hazy brain focused. As a result, first I lost my Ipad, then the only camera we brought along.


Thanks to my intelligent nephew at home who happens to be an engineer in computer, finally, I had some decent tools to get back to my blog and writing. The internet is very slow also, so it takes three time longer and harder to get to each loading. Well, beside from all these set backs, Ruggero and I have had a good and exciting time so far, especially so for him.


I can see the amazed look in his eyes as soon as we arrived to my sister home in Saigon that very first night. And the astonishing looks just keep on going as each day passing by. As I had mentioned in the previous blog, Saigon (now is called Ho Chi Ming city) is no where pleasant and gorgeous like Milano or Rome, instead life here is still very difficult and unpleasant for some millions Vietnamese around here. Half of the population is still doing any work for any little pay just to survive day by day. The other half, well, not rich but quite a happy and peaceful life I can see. The truth is, people here are not demanding and complaining at all. They are living each day so happy and contented with just hearty healthy meals and surrounding themselves with love and kindness. They are so humble, respectful and caring in every way and to people around them, especially so to their own family and neighbors. Ask Ruggero now and he will tell you right away how he recognizes that just by watching the public in traffic and by crossing the streets himself. In fact, the most thing he enjoys among others so far is siting on the balcony on the second floor every night and morning, observing how the Vietnamese live and behave among each other.


As I am writing this blog, it is the 8th day of our trip and we are already in a hotel in Ha Noi (Northern Vietnam). Tomorrow, we will set out for a suburban area called Ninh-Binh and then move on to the next after that. As we move along, I hope I will find outlet and time for this blog, so please be patient with me for awhile.


The last picture I show is where we visited my mother grave yard with my sisters. I still have to figure out how to upload more pictures and videos so you can see more of Vietnam. But for now, it’s time I have to get ready for breakfast so that the trip will begin as the bus is coming at 7:30 am (I have been up since 3am). Hope to get back to you all as soon as I can.


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