In Vietnam, we have a saying: “A day on the road, a bucket of wisdom.” Ruggero and I, each has different kind of passion for life. But when it comes to travel, it doesn’t take long for us to pack and leave. We love so much the far away horizon and are always hungry and thirsty for worldwide knowledge and wisdom.


I was not very young when I left Vietnam (about 28 years old) But because of the war and all its tragic consequences (I don’t understand why people still want to make war nowaday???) My family as well as many millions of Southern Vietnamese had no idea what is Ha-noi look like? How the people and their culture survive the Bombings and what is the surrounding Northen regions. The last several days, even if it was a short time, but we were amazed of what we found. I would love to write and show more of the images and experience each day if I could. The problem is the tour schedules are so tiring and fast. We are constantly on the go and non-stop which left me exhausted at nights. I try to upload a few for now and will write a report in detail later when we get back to Saigon (in two days).


I am still upset with myself for losing my camera as each day I am struggling to take pictures and videos of the places we passed. The equipments I borrowed from my family here are quite outdated and complicated. The quality is also not very good sometime which made me more sad. Well at least I have got something to work with, so thanks a lot to them.




Ruggero as you can see is having a very good time seeing different culture and knowledge. It has been not a very pleasant trip by the way. Some roads are very, very rough and ugly, even dangerous sometime. Especially when we traveled far up North near the border of China. Nevertheless, as soon we reached the destinations, what we discovered and enjoyed are worth all the troubles. The only thing that make me worry is the food around here. For me and my sisters, at least we were born here in Vietnam, so far we are adjusted to the new tastes and environments. Ruggero is another story. He is not crazy for the food here. We have to order separated dishes for him and he has been on kind of a vegetarian diet for the last several days. I think he is missing his usual Spaghetti Pomodoro and Aglio (which I could make for him myself in Saigon at my sister house)


Well, two more days we will be back to Saigon so he can rest and enjoy his native food. Another rough day ahead on the road, this time with train. Will let you know how it goes.