Before I start, I just want to let you know that the dates on the right corner of the following pictures are all wrong. I was trying to fix the loadings from the camera the night we traveled to Hanoi and I messed it up. All by myself with this old camera, I had no choice but to keep using it. So please ignore the dates.

The last three days we have been fighting with the cold as the weather here is quite extreme. It rains almost everyday and very humid. The early morning and evening have been nice and cool, however, start from 11am till 6pm, the hot temperature of 91F (around 32′ ) combines with humidity are not pleasant. We sweated a lot no matter how little clothe we put on. Poor Roger, as an European here and his age, he is having a hard time to adjust to the weather and food. The fact that he can’t have seafood (due to Allergy) is quite a problem here. Everywhere we go, people serve seafood and fish. Of course, there are poultry and meat, yet he can’t take the strong flavor and spice. Like I mentioned before, luckily we find ingredients from the super markets which we can prepare food for him at my sister home.




There are Italian restaurants and Pizza spots almost every where in Saigon (Hanoi a few). I have been encouraged Ruggero to try many time, but all I have are firm head shakings and skeptical looks :”What the hell they (Vietnamese cooks) know about Italian food!…Let me enjoy my own Spaghetti at home.” He said after staring at the menu outside the restaurant and then just walked straight ahead. I gave up after so many attempts.



Well, after three days of resting, we all recovered and are feeling better after a week of intensive traveling on the roads. There were four popular locations we visited in the North region, Halong Bay, Pagoda in Ninh Binh, Sapa and Hanoi. I will post pictures of each location in each post so you can see. The first is Halong bay, about 4 hours driving West from Hanoi.



We had heard of the beauty of Ha Long Bay years ago, and finally, we could see for ourselves why it has been approved as one among world wonders on the Unesco list.


There are total over 1500 little islands around this bay. Most of them look just like little mountains floating on the water as we passed by. Some have caves which existed thousands years ago and are opened to the public now for tourists to see.


Along our way, you can see fisher men and women approached the boat to sell local food and fishes they catched from the ocean.


That day, I was so lucky to witness a stream of flying fishes passing by the boat as i was standing by the edge to take pictures. The white shining silver refection from the sun and their bodies combined with the sound of the whistling water as hundreds of them flying and touching down on the surface of the water was unbelievable. It was like a vision of Paradise in just a blink of the eyes and then vanished. I think there were two other men on the boat witnessed as I heard their exclaims same time I did. Like a fairy tale, that’s all I can say.


On the way back, one of my sister and I saw also two long beautiful jelly fishes swimming along our boat. But again, they were faster than my camera like the other flying fishes disappeared just like a dream in front of our eyes.


Well, the witnessing of these fantastic creatures alone was worth a million time after all this troubles of traveling half the earth to come to Ha Long Bay that day. The rest of the day was beautiful as well as you can see in the pictures. Wish you all could see what I saw, but I hope these pictures can show a fraction of it.