Life in Palm Springs has been getting busier and busier each year. People from all over the world are flocking to the desert more and more, even in the heat of the summer.



Especially, at the present time, when Springs are in full bloom here (with perfect temperature) and the town has big events one after another which bring huge crowds after crowds. Needless to say, L’olivo and all the businesses around town are in the peak of the high season.

Beside seeing our friends and local residents every weekend, again, we have the opportunities to meet so many more wonderful new friends from every corner of the world too, which make each day a fantastic day for us to come to work. We love to chat and getting to know and learn so many things from people and places we haven’t got a chance to be there, especially, from the many states of the United State.

By talking to them, they inspire us to make plan to travel and see different states this year in summer.


We, of course, learn some sad news as well about some of our friends who have been going through some major changes and we hope that all will be for the better and good things will be the results at the end. Our hearts and prayers are with you each and everyday my dears.

All of us from L’olivo also want to express our thanks to other new customers as well for your time with us. Each day here, we still strive to make your time with us pleasant moment and each meal a delicious taste of Italy that you can never forget.



Thank you again to all of you and wish each time you visit the desert, life here will bring you back again every year and embrace you with pleasure and happiness.