L’Olivo is a journal of the daily life of an Italian restaurant. Many, many blogs,  books, and media talk and write about foods and restaurants. Yet, very few (if any) write from the perspective of an insider of the industry. This journal will give you a look at how people like server, cook, chef, host, and owner, clients, sale men and women, the government…who they are as persons, and how they interact with each other and live their lives as human. Beside life at L’olivo, I will write also reports of events and happenings around Palm Springs so you can have better perspective of the residents and the lands where we live. I hope you will find this blog interesting and informative for your precious time.

My English is not that good as you can see and will see. But I am learning each day and will try my best to give you the best pictures of these fascinating lives. My goal is to write at least a page or two each month for as long as L’olivo still exists. But just as unusual and unpredictable as my life has always been, I am nervous to commit myself to this journey. Along the way, I, perhaps, will skip a month or two. But once, I commit to something, I never quit. Well, I look forward to the excitement of this journey and hope to meet you and many others along, both at L’olivo and on this site too.

Till then, welcome on board everyone!, and thank you so much for your time.


3 thoughts on “About L’OLIVO”

  1. I am on board with you, good luck with your project.

  2. April Sanders said:

    My husband and I had lunch at Lolivo a few weeks ago and
    it was fantastic. We had 2 bottles of your dipping olive oil
    sent to our home in Ohio and would like to have a few more
    sent as our friends and family love it also.

    Thanks for a great meal!

    • Hello April,
      We are delighted to hear from you, and so glad to know you and your family are happy with the meal and the oil bottles. Please let us know what else can we do for you? Meanwhile, thanks also for visiting our blog. Hope it gave you some interesting readings.
      Best regards to you and your family.
      Ruggero and Magie.

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